Spice Up Your Sex Life With These Positions

Is your bedroom life getting boring? Are you tired of having sex using missionary and spooning positions every day? Maybe your sex partner isn’t as freaky as you would like them to be and you badly want an upgrade. For instance, you might feel like sex by the mirror, in the shower or balcony will make your life better. Below are some positions to spice up your sex life.

The X position

We are not talking about your ex here; we are talking about something better, something that will easily take you to cloud nine. Also known as the crisscross, the x position is where your girl lies on her back, and you sit facing her with both your leg crisscrossing each other to form an X. Through this position you are able to go deeper in her increasing the sensations every time you thrust. Both of you enjoy the intimacy it brings as it allows you to maintain eye contact and you have great access to her boobs. Also seeing her moan with every thrust increases your libido and boosts your ego which makes you want to see her face when she cums hence enabling you to perform better and keep her coming back for more.

Swiss ball blitz

If you like having sex in other places other than the bed, then you will love this one. It’s more like reverse cowgirl only that this time you are sitting on a workout ball. The lady sits on top, and she controls the movements depending on the heat of the moment. It is enjoyable because of the extra buoyancy created by the ball.

Out of control cow-guide

If you like being in control of the moment, then you’ll love this position. Unlike the normal cowgirl where the woman is in control, in this one the man usually takes over. First of all, he kneels and sits on his heels while the woman sits atop him while facing the same direction she faces while on normal cowgirl (I bet you can now get the picture). Her legs go behind the man while he holds on her waist. Her ass is on his pelvis, so here you have access to a lot of things, her boobs, her clit and even the neck which as we know is one of the sensitive parts of the woman. In addition, most men have a lot of strength while on their knees so you will be able to penetrate deeper making her weak and closer to her big O with every moment. It also has the similar effect on you.

The G-Whiz

In this position, the lady lies on her back and places her legs on your shoulders. That helps in tightening her vaginal muscles helping increase her sensation and at the same time tightens her vagina around your cock. It also helps you reach her G-spot easily enabling the both of you to cum at the same time which is often the wish of most people while having sex.

All these positions are set to take you to cloud nine for both you and your partner if you do them as they should. If you’ve never tried them then its time, you do so. However, one position for the entire time can be boring so be sure to switch positions after a while for better penetration and also enjoyment.

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