10 Games You Should Play If You Love NieR Automata (2024)

The Drakengard/NieR series had a rough path to success, but with the release of NieR Automata, it quickly jumped from obscure to one of Square Enix's top sellers. The combination of Yoko Taro's unique meta-breaking storytelling and action gameplay, developed by Platinum Games, resulted in a critically acclaimed title.

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This list aims to help fans seeking similar games find one that piques their interest. Whether you loved NieR Automata for its narrative, setting, combat, art style, or otherwise, this list will have something for you to enjoy.

10 Voice Of Cards

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Voice of Cards was developed by a lot of the same team that worked on NieR Automata. Additionally, the art style and character backstories are very reminiscent of older Yoko Taro works. Although its gameplay is very different from NieR's, there is a lot of similar charm.

Voice of Cards is a trilogy. The Isle Dragon Roars, The Forsaken Maiden, and The Beasts of Burden are all designed to be standalone, meaning they can be played in any order. As an extra incentive for NieR fans, The Forsaken Maiden has an Automata-themed DLC pack. All three are available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

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​​​​​NieR Automata has many Metal Gear Rising parallels. Both are spin-off games developed by Platinum games, have mechanized protagonists, fast-paced action, and a story that focuses on human morality.

Rising is connected to other Metal Gear games, but it doesn't require knowledge of them. It's an excellent entry point for those seeking thrilling cyborg combat. The unfortunate downside to this game is its lack of availability on any console newer than a PS3 and Xbox 360.

8 Shin Megami Tensei V

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The first monster-thriving location in Shin Megami Tensei V is an obliterated desert city. Despite the lack of a large forest, the post-apocalyptic city will feel very close to Automata's environment.

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There are also multiple endings that players can obtain by aligning their choices with a particular group of characters. It'll have you question which side is truly right on numerous occasions, and the multiple paths add replay value. This game is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

7 SoulCalibur VI

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2B appeared as a DLC guest character in this 2.5D fighting game. Her moveset is very faithful to how she fights in Automata, and her play style can be used by player-created custom characters. The DLC pack also comes with a stage, music, custom character costumes, and other NieR assets.

Using the costume pack, you can very easily create Kaine, Emil, and 9S lookalikes. Creative players may even be able to make their other favorite NieR characters. You can find this game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

6 Undertale

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This indie game's narrative was designed with meta-story writing. Much like in Automata, every aspect of the gameplay in Undertale is an actual part of the story. The save file, battle menu, and other game mechanics are all things characters can acknowledge and interact with.

It also contains drastically different endings based on what enemies the player chooses to kill throughout the game. These strike an excellent balance between light-hearted comedy and serious moral-destroying storylines. Regardless of the path players end up picking, Undertale will always tell players to move forward. This inexpensive game is playable on every modern console.

5 The Legend Of Zelda

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The recent releases of Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom focus on a post-apocalyptic world, which contains a beautiful blend of overgrown nature and futuristic technology. Age of Calamity even has a small Guardian enemy which will feel very similar to the Pods from NieR Automata.

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Many past entries also contain a similar atmosphere. Despite being the earliest in the series timeline, even Skyward Sword is post-apocalyptic, as there is a desert full of broken advanced technology. There are a plethora of Zelda games, and many of them will offer a satisfying experience to those looking for a deep lore-covered world. All Zelda games mentioned are available on Nintendo Switch.

4 Drakengard 3

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Due to Automata's massive success compared to its predecessors, NieR often overshadows the series it is a spin-off of. Out of the three Drakengard games, 1 and 3 share a timeline with NieR Automata. Playing them will give you an even better understanding of the game's world. Drakengard 2 however, was not written by Yoko Taro, and is in a separate timeline from NieR.

Drakengard 1 is more connected to Automata's story, as it is directly referenced many times, but 3 offers a much closer atmosphere. It has a few drawbacks like a poor frame rate, but the characters, world, and meta-story writing make it another magnificent Yoko Taro experience. Zero and Mikhail make for a very charming and hilarious set of protagonists. This game is, however, stuck on PlayStation 3, making it a bit harder to obtain for modern gamers.

3 Bayonetta

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The Bayonetta series is another fast-paced action game developed by Platinum. All three games are combo-heavy and contain unique battle mechanics, such as Witch Time which allows players to slow down time by performing perfect dodges.

Much like 2B, Bayonetta is a strong female protagonist who isn't afraid to fight skyscraper-sized foes. All three Bayonetta games are available on the Nintendo Switch. It's ideal to play the trilogy in release order, as it may be harder to keep up with the story of a few sections in later games without previous knowledge.

2 Xenosaga 3: Also Sprach Zarathustra

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If the philosophical writing was your favorite aspect of Automata, then Xenosaga 3 is a must-play. From androids questioning existence to many references to numerous real-world religions, Xenosaga 3 will offer a deeply emotional journey, full of careful thought.

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There are a few barriers to playing this game. Firstly, each Xenosaga game is a direct follow-up to the previous, meaning they must be played in order to comprehend the plot. Secondly, the whole series is only on PS2. Beyond these setbacks, however, is a game filled with magnificent character writing and an incredible soundtrack that NieR fans are certain to enjoy. The other Xeno subseries (Xenogears and Xenoblade) share many similar elements, but the focus on androids and the story atmosphere of Xenosaga are the closest to NieR Automata's.

1 NieR Replicant Ver 1.22474487139

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Automata reference its predecessor very often. Playing the original NieR will vastly increase how detailed the world of Automata feels. The presence of many android side characters in the story, Emil's side quest, and even small details like robots wearing masks in the desert will feel vastly more intriguing.

Additionally, the remake of Replicant offers a new ending. This ending adds a new location and characters that connect both games even more than they already were. Replicant doesn't get as philosophical as Automata, but the character writing is some of the best Yoko Taro has to offer. Both games complement each other so well that no fan of either installment should miss out on playing the other. The remake is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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10 Games You Should Play If You Love NieR Automata (2024)
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