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***The Knot HALL OF FAME Member! The first and currently the only Minnesota based band to receive this honor!
**Minnesota Bride Best of Finalist for 2021!
*Recipient of Wedding Wire's Couple's Choice Award for all years 2015 to 2024!! (Rated in the top 5% of local wedding professionals on WeddingWire based upon reviews!)
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Searching for entertainment for your WEDDING, STREET DANCE, PRIVATE PARTY, or other event? In the Fields is a professional, talented, experienced, and most importantly, FUN variety band (Rock, Pop, Country) with everything you need to make your special night a huge success! Reply to this ad with any questions and for more info including songlist and recordings. Here are some things which others have said about In the Fields, and at the bottom is some further information the band (Contact info for most references available upon request):

"We were a little nervous booking a band we had never seen before, but future brides/grooms take our word for it: BOOK THIS BAND RIGHT THIS SECOND. We cannot say enough good things about In The Fields, and neither could our guests!! ITF kept the dance floor packed the entire night, and we received countless compliments from guests about how amazing the band was -- they play so much variety and transition from one song to the next without stopping. Steve is SO helpful and organized during the planning process. He was so attentive to all of my song requests and was sure to ask questions if I wasn't clear. They played acoustic music for our ceremony, executing each song exactly how we imagined. Guests enjoyed acoustic music during the co*cktail hour. The band nailed our first dance, father/daughter, and mother/son dance songs before packing the dance floor the rest of the night! The music for our day was very important to me, and Steve and his crew hit it out of the park. Amazing!!! Thanks, Steve!!" -Megan (bride) Battle Lake, MN 8/31/19

"WHERE DO I BEGIN?! In the Fields played at our wedding reception and were amazing!! All our guests were raving about what an amazing band we had. The only down side to hiring In the Fields is they are so amazing you will be exhausted from dancing the entire night!! Plus, they are so reasonably priced!!! And Steve---- this man is amazing! He played our ceremony music and it was prefect! Steve was so well prepared and thought of more things than I did. He sends you a very detailed wedding planner before the wedding to make sure the dance goes exactly like you would want! Plus, we threw a few curve balls at him and he was super flexible and helpful!! I can't recommend In the Fields enough!!!" -Ashley (bride) 9/8/18 Dodge Center, MN

"I cannot recommend this band enough. In the Fields was a definite highlight for our wedding. I'm a musician and am very picky when it comes to live music. Steve is an incredible singer and the 3 piece band packs a punch playing live. Another plus is that since they're only a 3 person band, more reception sites can accommodate them because they take up less space than a 7-15 piece band. I personally don't care for wedding bands that only play old school, jazzy tunes. In the Fields has a wide variety of song selections that spans pop, rock and country. They have oldies and newbies spanning Billy Idol's classic 'Mony, Mony' and Walk the Moon's 'Shut up and Dance with Me'. What my guests were amazed by is that when they're playing, they never stop between songs - they go straight into the next song, no break. So when they play a 30-40 minute set, they are playing for 30-40 minutes straight, there is not a single moment of silence between songs...They do an excellent job picking the songs for the crowd, so let them do their thing and have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day. Steve is very easy to work with and extremely kind - I highly recommend booking In the Fields for your wedding day!" -Shannon (bride): Minneapolis, MN 7/15/17

"I'd give In The Fields 10 stars if I could! These guys were amazing! I first heard them at a friend's wedding in Minneapolis and decided to see if they'd be willing to travel to the Madison, WI area for our wedding. They were, thankfully! Steve was incredibly easy to work with leading up to our wedding - very organized and responsive. He made the planning stress-free. We had him play acoustic guitar for our ceremony and then had the full band for our reception. They do a great job of mixing up the music to keep everyone on the dance floor. Our guests had a blast. Highly recommend In The Fields!" -Ericka (bride) Stoughton, WI 9/24/17

"Thank you so much for making the trip to Spring Green, WI to play for our wedding. The ceremony music was SPOT on! Everything you played that day/night was more than we could've asked for. The songs you learned for us, the seamless way you led us through the schedule, and your unbelievable energy. We were most excited for the music - and it was beyond our expectations. Just as we would have liked, when talking about our wedding we often hear, "My God...That band!" Our friends loved it so much they are more than willing to tag along to hear you at other locations to reminisce." -Nicole (bride): Spring Green, WI 6/18/2016

"My husband and I thought In the Fields were fantastic! It was such a fun atmosphere and they kept the dance floor full the whole night, which you typically don't see with DJs or even other bands. Our wedding was 5 months ago and we still have people telling us how fun the band was!" -Erin (bride) Arlington, MN 11/23/19

"Literally shocked at the value we got with them. If you're getting married and reading this SERIOUSLY JUST BOOK THEM!" -Mary (bride) LeSueur, MN 10/19/19

"#1 Wedding Band! In the Fields isn’t just any cover band — they have an energy & sounds to them that makes any guest want to party. They were so great to work with from the moment I reached out. " - Sayde M. Alexandria, MN 10/5/19

"If you want your guests to have the best time, hire In the Fields immediately!" - Hayley H. St. Paul, MN 9/27/19

"They were the best, they made the wedding." - Hannah Z. Clearwater, MN 8/24/19

"The best decision we made." - Kayla A. Sioux Falls, SD 8/10/19

"ITF is the BEST wedding band ever!!" - Jill F. Rochester, MN 7/20/19

"ITF made our wedding unbelievable! Hands down, the best band out there!" - Tim S. Pierz, MN 6/28/19

"Best part of our day!" - Jennifer D. Andover, MN 6/14/19

"Family & friends still rave about ITF's performance at our wedding a year later!!" - Sydney H. St. Peter, MN 6/8/19

"Thank you, ITF, for making our wedding incredible!!!!" - Steph S. Glencoe, MN 5/25/19

"I couldn't be happier, thanks guys!!!" - Breanna K. Glencoe, MN 3/30/19

"We did our research before hiring a band...ITF absolutely nailed it!" - Leanne T. St. Paul, MN 2/16/19

What In the Fields has to say about themselves:

-You won't find a better songlist for the diverse crowds that attend weddings, street dances, private parties, etc.! The band plays a mix of rock, country, and pop from today all the way back to the 50's, - everything from Elvis and Johnny Cash to AC/DC and Journey to Bruno Mars and the BlackEyed Peas, to Zac Brown and Garth Brooks. All danceable, well-known, upbeat hits. (for family-oriented events, we will of course omit inappropriate lyrics/songs if you wish)

-Working band-this is what we do! Starting in 2009, the band has played 100 shows per year with the majority of those shows being bookbacks. Two thirds of the band are full-time musicians.

-High-quality PA and lights, and will not blow your crowd out with excessive volume (we get compliments about this fact all the time), though the power is definitely available to crank things up if that is what you prefer. We are working for you, and pride ourselves on always being professional and flexible.

-High energy, professional in every aspect, talented, experienced, and fun!

-For weddings, we have a system in place that makes the planning process easy, allowing you to be as specific as you like regarding the details of the nights events. We can of course assist you with the planning to whatever degree you prefer.

-For smaller budgets, ask about In the Fields Lite, as well as solo acoustic music!

-In the Fields is NOT a multi-band, corporation "band," playing in two or more venues simultaneously, and there is no middle man involved. All correspondence is directly with band leader/singer/guitarist, Steve. We pride ourselves on our customer service, which is second to none!

Again, please reply to this ad with any questions and for more info including songlist and recordings. As far as price, we are willing to work with your budget. Hurry, dates now through 2026 are being filled (in some cases we can swap a currently booked bar date for a wedding or larger event). **MAKE SURE YOUR BAND IS AVAILABLE WHEN YOU BOOK YOUR VENUE!! Thanks for your consideration, and we hope to have the opportunity to help make your special night a huge success!

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    Award-Winning LIVE BAND for your Wedding/Event! (Twin Cities, Will Tra - event services - craigslist (2024)
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