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Medical Retail: 00000034DCOD00007550

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Reviews of Curaleaf Gilbert
4.0 (5 reviews)

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Jimmy Braddock (Powered By Google)


16 Apr 2021

Nice to be back at my shop. I love how they remodeled to streamline the process. In and out got my goods for a great weekend. Even with the expediting still the best customer service. The have always treated me like family.

Paul Vincent (Powered By Google)


05 Sep 2021

First time visit. Counter person was nice. However he said they give veteran discounts but failed to give me mine even after showing my ID. Suggested products which said worked for him for depression and anxiety even though I had researched what I wanted to try prior to visiting. What I got did absolutely nothing for me. Total rubbish. Next time I stay away from the 'corporate' dispensary and find a place which is actually sincere and passionate about helping people and veterans especially.

Scott Wirbs (Powered By Google)


28 Aug 2021

Very efficient, rarely crowded, and great, friendly staff. Not to mention that they've ALWAYS helped me to get the most bang ? for my buck ?. And EVERY time I've checked out, I saved even more because I had reward $ from my previous purchase; sometimes a dollar, sometimes $5. Very refreshing in these tough times!

Sabrina Wiseman (Powered By Google)


21 Jul 2021

Great weed. But I swear I’ve never seen any group of workers purposely moves so slow. Asking incredibly relevant questions and making each customer time way longer than need be I was in the store for 20 minutes and there were three people in here.I understand you guys have to hit his sales quota but Holy wow I might as well have dealt with a drug dealer… trynna tell me their life story.

William Johnson (Powered By Google)


30 Aug 2021

My favorite dispensary in AZ. Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Walked out of there with everything I needed and then some. My first time coming since the remodel, and it looks great. Exactly why I've invested in this company, because they are doing great things.

About Curaleaf Gilbert

Curaleaf Gilbert offers Arizona MMJ patients in the East Valley high-quality medical cannabis in a safe and welcoming environment. Our knowledgeable budtenders love educating patients and are happy to assist you in choosing the best medicine at the best value for your individual needs.

FAQ's of Curaleaf Gilbert


Yes they do.

Download Hyper and then you wont have to use the atm and get charged a fee.

Yes I have gotten bogo on cartridges before. Leafly the app can tell you what deals they have for the day and sometimes the week.

@keri Wilson, then go, if you have gone. As soon as you got your card you were able to order from the Leafly app and get it delivered by superb, green charms. Hope you have gone already.

Select carts buy one get one half off nectar farms pods buy one get free pre-roll gram pre rolls 5 for 30.00

Mask at all times. Give some space to the people in line. Pretty much on par with others.

Mine has been having the same issue

You don't get to add a new review. You need to edit the review you made previously. Hope that's helpful.

Yes they do. Anytime During your Birthday MonthFREE PRE-ROLL (with $20 purchase) ** OR ** $5 OFF any $20 PurchaseOn Your BirthdayVisit Any Curaleaf AZ Location on Your Actual Birthday

Hey Montana Lujan, thanks for your question! We offer all existing patients a free select 1 gram preroll when you come in on the day of your birthday. If you happen to be a new patient and come in on your birthday, we just ask that you make a purchase to get into our database first. Thanks again and feel free to call the store with any additional questions!

Hi David, all of our Arizona stores are recreational and all you'll need is a state ID to purchase. Out of state is fine.

When you go back in take your receipt that you have so that way they can take care of it very good at that


I've been in two about three or four dispensaries since I got my medical card a month ago. I just moved here to Mesa from Texas and January so all this is kind of new to me. But every dispensary that I've been into has little Shake bags at great prices. If they don't offer, always ask. The most I could do is tell you they're out.

I agree..Territory has more, also Oasis

Prices should be on leafly.

Only if your card is from California, I think. In March 2018 the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that people from elsewhere who have medical marijuana cards and are visiting the Grand Canyon state can possess and use medical marijuana. A three-judge panel upheld that a physician recommendation for cannabis under California's Compassionate Use Act is equivalent to cards issued under Arizona's Medical Marijuana Act. For its decision, the appellate court's panel relied on the voter-approved Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, which gives "visiting qualifying patients" the same immunity as those with Arizona medical marijuana cards, the ruling says. So, the answer is Yes! With a current MEDICAL card from another state or country, you may purchase your meds at any dispensary statewide. ✌️????????????????1

Umm no

Best to call and ask or check the on line menu.

No, but google cbd dispensary near me.

Emerald Gilbert did not let me. Unless they are designated as your care giver they shouldn't be at the counter. I can say however being a sufferer of crippling social anxiety the staff are extremely nice here. They are knowledgeable, laid back, and compassionate about their jobs. The first time I went I was an anxious mess but they made the whole process really easy and I felt confident in the purchase I made.

Most cartridges are interchangeable I've noticed. I got the same cartridge that fit 2 different vapes I have so I'd say your chances are pretty good!

I believe only recreational use states allow out of state liscense as long as you are 21 but that won't start until January 1st 2018

I don't know call them

Yes, all prices are tax included. :)

Curaleaf Gilbert Dispensary | Gilbert Marijuana (23)

Curaleaf Gilbert

  • 4.0(5)
  • 175 S Hamilton Pl, Bldg 4 #110, Gilbert, Arizona, 85233
  • Tuesday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • In-store purchases only

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Curaleaf Gilbert Dispensary | Gilbert Marijuana (2024)
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