Minors At Berkeley (2024)

1. Minors | L&S Advising

  • Majors & Minors · Explore Majors & Minors · Double Majors

  • Minors are concentrations of study, similar to majors, but require fewer courses and therefore represent less depth than a full major. Not all majors have a corresponding minor (e.g. we have an Economics major, but no Economics minor) and minors exist that do not have a corresponding major (e.g. we have a Creative Writing minor, but no Creative Writing major). It is therefore useful to explore the Academic Guide’s Degree Programs page thoroughly to review all of your options. 

2. Degree Programs - Berkeley Academic Guide

  • Education · Business Administration · Computer Science · Media Studies

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3. Majors, Minors, and Certificates - Arts & Humanities

  • Majors, Minors, and Certificates · Ancient Greek and Roman Studies · Buddhist Studies · Comparative Language · Dutch Studies · French · Hebrew · Italian Studies ...

  • The Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation integrates methods, technologies, knowledge and thought from a wide range of different disciplines. The certificate connects design approaches from the division of Arts & Humanities, College of Engineering, College of Environmental Design, and the Haas School of Business. The program trains students to take responsibility for the entire life cycle of innovation, from idea to execution and beyond.

4. [PDF] MAJORS & MINORS - Office of Undergraduate Admissions

  • MAJORS & MINORS ... Transfer students can apply directly to the major. *Global Management Program: intensive global business immersion. (haas.berkeley.edu/ ...

5. Minors - Berkeley Engineering

  • Majors and minors · Major options · Change of major

  • Minors are areas of concentration requiring fewer courses than a single major. They’re optional but can provide depth or breadth to your education.

Minors - Berkeley Engineering

6. Explore Majors & Minors | L&S Advising

  • While all majors have prerequisite classes, a few majors at UC Berkeley require a minimum GPA, have specific deadlines to declare, and may have additional ...

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7. UC Berkeley Majors - College Advisor

  • You can earn two UC Berkeley minors, public policy and education, through the School of Public Policy and the Graduate School of Education. Other graduate ...

  • Curious about UC Berkeley majors? Check out our expert guide to the University of California Berkeley majors today for the latest info!

UC Berkeley Majors - College Advisor

8. Majors & Minors - L&S Advising - University of California, Berkeley

  • Minors · Explore Majors & Minors · Declare or Change a Major · Double Majors

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9. Undergraduate Degrees in NJ, NY & Online - Berkeley College

  • Bachelor's Degrees · Larry L. Luing School of Business · School of Health Studies · School of Professional Studies.

  • Pursue your goals with an undergraduate degree. Berkeley College allows you to earn your degree on campus in NY, NJ and online. Get started here.

10. Andrew Minor - Molecular Foundry

  • Biography. Andrew Minor is a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and also holds a joint ...

  • Interim Director, Molecular Foundry

11. Majors/Minors - College Project University of California at Berkeley

  • Majors & Degrees · Advanced Legal Research/Studies, General · African-American/Black Studies · Agricultural Economics · Agricultural Engineering · Agriculture, ...

  • Advanced Legal Research/Studies, General     African-American/Black Studies      Agricultural Economics        Agricultural Engineering          Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and...

Majors/Minors - College Project University of California at Berkeley
Minors At Berkeley (2024)
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