Taylor Swift latest: Star forced to take guitar break due to 'weird cramp'; fans spotted getting 'engaged' (2024)

Review: Swift's proved herself as a prolific songwriter and the ultimate showwoman

By Katie Spencer, arts and entertainment correspondent at Murrayfield Stadium

Taylor Swift has smashed a triumphant set in front of enormous crowds in Edinburgh on her record-breaking Eras tour, telling fans it was "the wildest way to welcome a lass".

As she welcomed the crowd, she announced it was officially the highest attended stadium show in Scottish history.

"Oh hi," she casually told the more than 70,000 people who came to see her perform.

The 34-year-old star initially took to the stage in a diamante encrusted corseted leotard and bejewelled cowboy boots.

She later admitted: "This tour has been the most fun I've had in my entire life….my one regret now is that I really should have come to perform in Scotland more.

"I can't stop staring at you, I'm captivated by this audience."

Blasting through her biggest hits in a set of 40+ songs, on stage for more than three hours, she promised to take fans on a "grand adventure" they'd never forget. She certainly did that.

"After tonight, you're going to think about us and the memories we made," she promised.

The evening was "unforgettable", she told the crowd, while her last song of the night, Karma, was dedicated to the crowd.

"Edinburgh you have given us everything you could possibly give us tonight."

It was a pinch yourself evening for Swifties fortunate enough to get a ticket. Lyrics memorised, costumes perfected.

The show a musical marathon which demonstrated not only why Swift is arguably one of the greatest songwriters of modern pop music but also one of the world's most accomplished performers.

The show itself, paced perfectly to hold the audience's interest with slick dance routines and theatrical, at times fantastical, staging.

The screams of support for her most famous hits were deafening. Countless fans leaving Murrayfield hoarse after she told the story of her eight Eras whilst delivering the ultimate singalong.

This was a long day for many, a hardened few sat outside since dawn to be among the first in-line to secure a front row spot.

"Anything's worth it for Taylor," Julia had told me at 7am outside the stadium. Her friend admitting she'd "sell my kidneys, probably both lungs" to get close to the star.

Why does she elicit such a reaction? Despite her billionaire status, Swift has somehow remained an artist whose voice remains real, authentic and honest.

Her songwriting - a shared diary of sorts - resonating all the more for her openness about her flaws, bad break-ups, sharing with fans not only the joy of falling in love, but the heartbreak.

The crowd at Murrayfield were word-perfect for her hits like You Belong With Me, the stadium echoing with noise during We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

If performing songs from her Tortured Poets Department Era - her latest album written about her ill-fated London loves - took on more poignancy for Swift this being the UK leg of her tour, she gave no indication on stage.

An all but faultless performance but for the acoustic section of her show, where the star was forced to briefly stop playing the guitar, saying: "My hand has frozen in a weird cramp... this is so embarrassing... its like performing with a claw. No one relates."

While it's understandable that many balk at the stupidly expensive price of some VIP packages, few could question Taylor's commitment to offering her fans the ultimate experience. The confetti canons and fireworks, a needless distraction really from what she does best - singing out.

A one-woman economy boosting machine, Swift's 15 UK shows are projected by some to boost the UK economy by almost £1bn with fans shelling out, not only on tickets, but accommodation, travel, and pre-show parties.

I spoke to people who travelled here from Spain, The Netherlands, America, India and even Australia.

Fans who'd spent months planning their costumes, painstakingly threading bracelets, embroidering jackets, which is undoubtedly half the fun.

While this level of pop obsession is nothing new, that one artist can still achieve this in an age where we are swamped with musical choice speaks volumes as to the power of Swift's music.

Forget about politicians touring the country, Taylor Swift's whereabouts will be what's dominating the national conversation for vast swathes of the country over the next month.

While some may scoff at the tweeness of swapping friendship bracelets, dressing-up and glitter - there is a delightfulness to being a part of the Swift crowd which is a warm and welcoming world.

Swift's proving herself to be, not only a prolific songwriter, but the ultimate showwoman.

Taylor Swift latest: Star forced to take guitar break due to 'weird cramp'; fans spotted getting 'engaged' (2024)
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