What is dividend in one word? (2024)

What is dividend in one word?

a bonus; something extra (especially a share of a surplus) type of: bonus, incentive. an additional payment (or other remuneration) to employees as a means of increasing output.

What is dividend in simple words?

What Is a Dividend? A dividend is the distribution of a company's earnings to its shareholders and is determined by the company's board of directors. Dividends are often distributed quarterly and may be paid out as cash or in the form of reinvestment in additional stock.

What is dividend word?

a sum of money paid to shareholders of a corporation out of earnings.

What's another word for dividend?

dividend (noun as in one's share, profit) Strongest matches. allowance bonus coupon gain premium proceeds remittance reward surplus.

What is a dividend for kids?

In a division problem, the number that is to be divided or distributed into a certain number of equal parts is called the dividend. As in the example above, when we are dividing 20 apples into 5 people, the dividend is the number 20; and the number 5 is called the divisor.

What is a dividend with example?

Dividend: The number or value or amount that we divide is known as a dividend. For example, if we have to distribute 10 toffies among 5 children, then we need to divide the 10 toffies by 5, which will result in 2 toffies for each child. Hence, the value 10 is the dividend here.

What does dividently mean?

Definitions (Senses and Subsenses)

1. (a) Act of dividing, division; (b) that which serves as a barrier; (c) alch. a component to be separated; (d) law an indenture specifying the share owed to the king.

How do you use the word dividends?

How to use dividend in a sentence
  1. As the operations picked up pace and began to pay dividends, the NSA called in its most skilled cyber warriors. ...
  2. Close attachment to autocratic regimes by the West pays short-term dividends but will antagonize generations of Muslims.

Why is it called dividend?

The word dividend comes from the Latin word dividendum ("thing to be divided").

What is difference between dividend and dividend?

While dividend yield refers to the percentage of the current stock price of a company paid out as dividend over a year, dividend rate is the amount of money that company pays to its shareholders as dividends on per-share basis.

What is a dividend in school?

In a division problem, the dividend is the number that is being divided. The number that is doing the dividing is the divisor. The quotient is the answer to a division problem, or the number of times the divisor goes into the dividend evenly. The remainder is what is left over, if anything, after dividing.

Are dividends good or bad?

There are a couple of reasons that make dividend-paying stocks particularly useful. First, the income they provide can help investors meet liquidity needs. And second, dividend-focused investing has historically demonstrated the ability to help to lower volatility and buffer losses during market drawdowns.

What does dividends mean in life?

A life insurance dividend is only available to people with a participating whole life insurance policy. Dividends are returns on the insurance company's investment performance. They are not guaranteed but are paid on an annual basis with most companies.

What are the 4 types of dividends?

A few common types of dividends include:
  • Cash dividends. These are the most common types of dividends and are paid out by transferring a cash amount to the shareholders. ...
  • Stock dividends. ...
  • Scrip dividends. ...
  • Property dividends. ...
  • Liquidating dividends.
Jan 12, 2024

What does divisive mean for kids?

If you say something that is intended to make people angry with each other, your words are divisive.

Is A divot a hole?

noun [ C ] /ˈdɪv.ət/ uk. /ˈdɪv.ət/ Add to word list Add to word list. a small hole in an area of grass, especially one made by a golf club (= stick for hitting) or ball; a piece of grass that has been cut out, leaving such a hole.

What is the formula for the dividend?

Dividend Formula:

Dividend = Divisor x Quotient + Remainder. It is just the reverse process of division. In the example above we first divided the dividend by divisor and subtracted the multiple with the dividend. That means, we first divided and then subtracted.

Is dividend singular or plural?

dividend /ˈdɪvəˌdɛnd/ noun. plural dividends.

What are the 7 types of dividends?

There are seven types of dividends: cash, stock, property, scrip, special, bond, and liquidating. The company's board of directors decide to pay dividends and its types.

Who proposes dividend?

The board of directors issues the declaration stating how much will be paid out in dividends to shareholders and over what timeframe. The declaration date is the first of four important dates in the dividend payout process. The three remaining key dates are the ex-date, the record date, and the payment date.

Are dividends still worth it?

Yes, there are a lot of advantages. However, there's also a price to pay for those benefits. The most obvious advantage of dividend investing is that it gives investors extra income to use as they wish. This income can boost returns by being reinvested or withdrawn and used immediately.

Do dividends pay well?

Dividend investing can be a great investment strategy. Dividend stocks have historically outperformed the S&P 500 with less volatility. That's because dividend stocks provide two sources of return: regular income from dividend payments and capital appreciation of the stock price. This total return can add up over time.

Are dividends really income?

A quick refresher on how dividends work: Companies that earn excess profit can choose to return some of that money to their shareholders, as a sort of thank you, in the form of a regular cash payout. Some investors use these dividends as a form of income.

Is a dividend a gift?

'Tis the season for giving, so we should talk about one of the stock market's oldest gifts. Dividends are a present from companies to shareholders just for owning the stock.

What is a factor in math?

factor, in mathematics, a number or algebraic expression that divides another number or expression evenly—i.e., with no remainder. For example, 3 and 6 are factors of 12 because 12 ÷ 3 = 4 exactly and 12 ÷ 6 = 2 exactly. The other factors of 12 are 1, 2, 4, and 12.


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