What is Johannesburg Alternative stock exchange? (2024)

What is Johannesburg Alternative stock exchange?

Established in 2003, the alternative exchange or commonly referred to as AltX, is a parallel market focused on providing good quality, small and medium-sized high-growth companies with a growth path and access to capital.

What is the purpose of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange?

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)

Here, companies from across all industries and commerce gather to raise the public capital that will allow them to expand, in the process creating new jobs, products, services, and opportunities.

What is the JSES AltX exchange for?

AltX is an alternative public equity exchange for small and medium-sized companies in South Africa operated in parallel with and wholly owned by the JSE Securities Exchange. As of July 2008 the shares of just over 80 companies listed on AltX had a combined value of over R30-billion.

What is the main stock exchange in South Africa?

JSE Limited (previously the JSE Securities Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange) is the largest stock exchange in Africa. It is located in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, after it moved from downtown Johannesburg in 2000.

Who owns the Johannesburg Stock Exchange today?

Ownership JSE Ltd.

Mellon Investments Corp. Jupiter Asset Management Ltd. Abax Investments (Pty) Ltd.

What are the benefits of being listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange?

JSE listing benefits:
  • Trade your shares securely and efficiently.
  • Build a more transparent and trusted business.
  • Market your business to local and international investors.
  • Access to capital for expansion.
  • Enhance your company's reputation through local analyst coverage and media interest.

What are the disadvantages of companies listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange?

Listing disadvantages

Secondly, the JSE being a regulated environment requires that all listed companies comply with the listings requirements. This includes disclosure of financial information, as well as other governance matters. “These can be expensive in terms of cost and management time.

Who is the CEO of AltX?

Overview. Nick Raphaely is the Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of AltX Funds Management. He previously worked at Ashton Advisors as an Executive Director.

What are the 5 stock exchanges in South Africa?

South AfricaJSE Limited*Johannesburg
A2X Markets*Johannesburg
ZAR XJohannesburg
Equity Express Securities ExchangeJohannesburg
37 more rows

How many companies are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange?

Today there are 354 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange
1.JSE:BHGBHP Group Limited
2.JSE:ANHAnheuser-Busch Inbev
3.JSE:PRXProsus N.V.
4.JSE:CFRCompagnie Fin Richemont
45 more rows

What is the largest stock on JSE?

Largest South African (JSE) Stocks by Market Cap
CompanyLast PriceMarket Cap
SBKStandard Bank GroupR197.21R327.0b
CPICapitec Bank HoldingsR2,038.00R236.0b
20 more rows

How efficient is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange really?

By testing for the martingale hypothesis by means of rolling window VR tests, we established that the JSE all share index is weak-form efficient and that all the indices tested move from periods of efficiency to periods of relative predictability.

How do I buy shares in Johannesburg Stock Exchange?

You can buy Satrix ETFs through a stockbroker or directly from Satrix, using its investment plan. Can you buy shares directly with the JSE or do you need a broker? The JSE does not sell shares directly. You have to go through a JSE registered stockbroker.

Is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange closed?

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange is be closed for eleven holidays in 2024. The next Johannesburg Stock Exchange holiday is Human Rights Day and will be observed on Thursday, March 21, 2024 which is 2 months from now. All holiday data is collected exclusively from primary sources.

Is the JSE public or private?

The JSE has transitioned from a member-operated organisation to a privately-owned and listed entity.

How much does Johannesburg Stock Exchange pay?

Find Salaries by Job Title at Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Job TitleTotal Pay Base | Additional
Manager 2 Salaries submitted ZAR 980K-ZAR 1M ZAR 1M | ZAR 140K 0 open jobsZAR 980K-ZAR 1M ZAR 1M | ZAR 140K
Senior Developer 2 Salaries submitted ZAR 800K-ZAR 1M ZAR 850K | ZAR 299K 0 open jobsZAR 800K-ZAR 1M ZAR 850K | ZAR 299K
18 more rows

How big is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange?

About the stock exchange

The JSE is currently ranked the 17th largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalisation and the largest exchange in the African continent. The JSE was formed in 1887 during the first South African gold rush.

Why do companies delist from JSE?

The company can choose to delist either because it's moving to a different stock market, cutting listing costs or simply wants to become a private company.

What companies are delisted from the JSE?

South Africa's moribund economy, stagnant savings pool and unfriendly policy environment have also been cited as reasons for the wave of delistings in recent years, which has seen companies as diverse as Distell, Imperial Logistics, Jasco Electronics, OneLogix, PSG and Mediclinic disappear from the JSE.

What are the requirements for JSE delisting?

The delisting will be contingent on (i) an outright majority (i.e. 50% + 1) of the target's shareholders, excluding any controlling shareholder, approving the delisting; (ii) the JSE approving the delisting; and (iii) the offer being regarded as “fair” by an independent expert retained by the target's board.

What is an AltX company?

Established in 2003, the alternative exchange or commonly referred to as AltX, is a parallel market focused on providing good quality, small and medium-sized high-growth companies with a growth path and access to capital.

What is the oldest stock exchange in South Africa?

On 8th November 1887 Woollan founded the JSE by providing a facility to conduct trading. The establishment of the JSE at this time made it the oldest stock exchange facility in the subcontinent. Growth in the mining industry was reflected in the economic boom of the 1890s that the JSE experienced.

What is the most developed stock exchange in Africa?

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange was found to be the most developed of the three stock exchanges. The Nigerian Stock Exchange was second while the Nairobi Stock Exchange was third. Some factors that erode the performance of these stock markets were also discussed.

What is the oldest stock exchange in Africa?

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) is Africa's oldest stock exchange, established in 1883.

Is Coca Cola listed on the JSE?

“Yes, Coca-Cola is still in the pipeline for a JSE listing, and the bourse's pipeline for 2024 holistically is healthy,” a spokesperson said.


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